surge protection


Power through Storms

A power “surge” is a high voltage current which can enter a home through the building's incoming electrical, cable, telephone and satellite wiring. These surges can damage electronic equipment and appliances, sometimes making the equipment unusable. Many times, damage from power surges is NOT covered in a product’s warranty.

Lighting is one of the primary causes of power surges but power surges can also be caused by other things such as tree limbs hitting power lines, faulty wiring, or problems with the utility company’s equipment. Kaas Electric can provide both surge protection and lighting protection to meet your needs.

The terms surge protection and lightning protection are sometimes confused with each other.

Surge Protection

Surge protection, or transient voltage surge suppression (TVSS), utilizes an electro-mechanical device to redirect improper electrical surges which come through electric or phone lines. These surges can cause costly damage to electronic equipment. To provide adequate surge protection, it is important to understand what you are protecting and how a transient surge can affect that equipment. Only then can TVSS equipment be specified for an application so that complete surge protection is achieved. 

Lightning Protection

Lightning protection is designed to give lighting strikes a safe path to the ground instead of through your building or structure. This will greatly reduce or eliminate any possible damage a lighting a strike can cause.

Keep in mind that TVSS and lightning protection are not 100% effective by themselves. These systems should be looked at as complementing each other, and reducing the potential for personal equipment and property damage associated with surges and lightning.