Network & Structured Wiring


Home or Business Wiring

In the past, the network of wires within a building typically consisted of two different systems: telephone and electrical wires. Today, structured wiring networks can control and combine any number of systems including communication, entertainment, security and appliances, allowing these systems to work together to create a more hi-tech, efficient dwelling or business environment.

New construction and building remodels offer the perfect opportunity to have a home wired for today’s modern conveniences and in preparation for upcoming technological advances.

Structured Wiring

Structured wiring typically begins at a distribution panel. This panel is the center that controls cable, phone, security, audio/video and other systems all from one location and distributes these services throughout your structure.

These wires then travel through your home on a network of wires and cables, including Cat5e/Cat6/RG6 cables, that can deliver performance you need today and in the future.

Structure wiring systems allow you to conveniently access subscription based services such as cable and internet, anywhere you need them, or to control appliances through home automation systems remotely or even via the internet.

Network Wiring

What is it that allows all of these electronics to work together? Computers, of course. And it’s not just the PC or Macs that you utilize for many family functions. Many high-end appliances and electronic equipment now have computers of their own. The key to getting the information to and from all of the equipment in your home is the network. Network wiring allows you to connect all of these computers with each other and with your broadband or other internet service provider. It is particularly useful in businesses or large buildings that will be utilizing many computers throughout the facility.