About Us


Personalized Service

In July of 1999 I decided to venture away from the BIG shop environment and open a small but personal electrical business . My goal was to provide a level of 100% customer satisfaction. To do this, I maintain an open dialog with our customers throughout their project. 


At the beginning of a project, I listen to our customers’ goals, asking questions about their lifestyle, and their intended use of space. This discussion allows me to bring customer expectations into focus. 


After listening to our customers goals, I provide information and resources to allow them to better understand their choices so that they can make the best decisions for their project. 


During the design phase, I work with our customers to create a scope of work, a plan of action, and a schedule of benchmarks so that everyone has a clear understanding of the process and the steps required to complete the project. 


Throughout the installation process, Kaas Electric maintains a work ethic that is neat, organized, and respectful of all other systems and trades. We pride ourselves in project teamwork and communication with other trades and professionals to get the job right. 

Operation & Performance

Once our systems are installed and are operational, Kaas Electric takes the time to walk our customers through the finished product to make sure that they have a thorough understanding of how to operate the systems and can explain their operation to others. 

Our top priority is 100% satisfaction with the finished product and the process it took to get there. After you have lived with and utilized our systems for a reasonable amount of time, Kaas Electric will follow up to verify that what we designed and installed operates to your satisfaction. We will also take this opportunity to perform any necessary adjustments to ensure that you are experiencing optimal system performance.